Four Unique Ways of Visual Merchandising

Visual marketing is not only the window display decorations that attract customers. In fact, it is much more comprehensive than window displays. How can retailers go beyond the scope of displaying products? Please check below four ideas which would help you achieve success.
1. Turn your products into artworks
Have you ever walked into a shop where products are also window display decorations? At first, you may feel strange, but it must be unforgettable. While it may not always be very effective, it can be a new way to outstand your products.
Four Unique Ways of Visual Merchandising
Visual Merchandising
2. Flower
In fact, the benefits of flowers have a scientific basis. Flowers make customers feel comfortable and relaxed. Are there any retailers don’t want consumers to enter their stores happily?
Not only the visual effect of flowers, but also the smell is a part of visual marketing. A part of the comprehensive experience of visual marketing is the smell and the sound.
Place some flowers outside or inside your store to greet customers. Find ways to combine them with your products. For example, you can take your product as a vase, or make a flower headdress for your model.
Four Unique Ways of Visual Merchandising
3. Environmental decorations
You can choose a more eco-friendly way to display your products, but it doesn’t mean buying some cheap display racks. Using paper crafts to match fashion clothes or accessories is a very simple and creative way. It adds a different visual appeal to reflect your brand identity. You can save your budget if you make a good use of the paper.
Four Unique Ways of Visual Merchandising
4. Choose guiding decorations
If there’s a retailer who knows how to guide customers through the store, it’s Ikea. The Swedish based furniture retailer has laid out its stores so well that they actually guide customers’ every step.
This works because when you know your customer’s route, you also know where they look and what they see. Use this knowledge to place advertisements, new products and promotional posters in the places with high pedestrian and visibility.
Although the above examples may not be directly related to your industry or product, you can use the same concept in the visual marketing. The customized decorations would help you to make a difference. You must be loyal to your brand and put your customers first.
Four Unique Ways of Visual Merchandising
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